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Chapter 1

Welcome to Fabler!

We're an independent publisher of spoken-word audio.

We pair brilliant narrators with select new releases, classics and more, to craft electrifying, transporting
audiobooks and original audio content.

We tailor our international expertise to an Italian-speaking audience.

Chapter 3

How We Do It

We’re so glad you asked!

Producing riveting audiobooks requires unique expertise, and a whole team of professionals all working at the highest level.

What we always do:

We read every word!

We collaborate with our authors!

We hand-select our narrators

We invest in their development!

We rely on a unique narrating style that honors the story through emotionally truthful, dynamic, immediate performances!

We partner with the best in audio production!

Sounds interesting? We have a lot more to share about our approach to audio production and narration, so read on!

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Chapter 5

Our Titles

We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural production: Fabler Files.
Original short audio plays in Italian and English. We’re working on more exciting releases for 2020.
In the meantime,

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